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I am not somebody who watches a lot of series or movies but college life isn’t complete unless you binge watch and chill right? So, here are the two series that I have watched and my reviews :
(Somehow, both turned out to be of 13 episodes so, in case you  guys plan to watch, they won’t take long.)

v  13 Reasons Why (3.5/5):
I know most of you might not think the rating is appropriate but I think the hype for the series is to be blamed. I felt like the series was overrated. So, I was very excited to watch it but it didn’t turn out to be something that made waves lash in my heart or made me bawl my eyes out. On the positive part, the series was very real, honest and I felt like it was something we all could relate to at some level and is a must watch just so people know that bullying is something that most of us face. The series does make you reflect on yourself though, I spent days think about if and how if I ever have unknowingly contributed to someones depression and you do become really introspective about everything you’ve ever done or would do for somedays while you are still in the 13RW zone.

v  Riverdale(4.2/5):
My oh my! This was one of the best high school drama I have seen in a long time. After “My So Called Life”. Both  are absolutely poles apart so you probably cannot compare but I am sucker for any kind of high school drama so. So, in case you guys were ever fans of Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronice, Cheryl Blossom or Josie and the Pussycats comics, YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY WATCH THIS! A warning though, it is nothing like the comics, the plot is dark. Really dark. If you like chick flicks and suspense and high school drama, I don’t know why you haven’t watched it already.

And here are the list of some shows that I plan to spend my summer with:
1.       Pretty Little Liars: I watched this till the second season long back but since there is nothing much to do, I’d rather spend my summer looking at all the amazing clothes and the boyfriends.:P
2.       Modern Family/ F.R.I.E.N.D.S/The Big Bang Theory/How I Met Your Mother: Always classics. Just open a random episode and you’re good to go. That is one reason why I like series like these, you don’t have to follow them to know the plot of an episode.

3.       Flash: I liked the first two seasons fine but the starting few episodes of season 3 weren’t that impressive but I hear the later parts are great, so maybe I can resume with this show.
4.       Game of Thrones(Season 07) : This is not an option, I am just eagerly waiting every week for the release. That’s it.

5.       The Exorcist: I have watched the movie but the series seems 5x scarier. It’s just that if I could collect my guts to watch this, I would because I know this won’t be a downer.


  1. Great post. I have been wanting to watch Riverdale for a while but something always comes up. I'm going to seriously try and make some time for it in the next few weeks, though.

    Also, after taking a look at your most recent blog posts, I am very excited to see how things go for you this semester. I will be keeping up with you and your goals.


    Ashley - www.caviartastebolognabudget.com

  2. Friends and modern family are my go-to tv shows I never get bored of them! I have yet to watch how i met your mother and big bang theory but will do sometime. Nice blog btw

    Stella xx

  3. Riverdale was definitely one of my favorites as well! It kept me guessing throughout the season. I also agree that 13 Reasons Why was overrated. I only ended up finishing just to get through the tapes. The show seemed so dragged out.

  4. Ugh My So Called Life IS life! Couldn't get into Riverdale personally, which is a shame because Ronnie is an icon. You have great taste in tv, tho!

    1. Hahahah!

      But, agreed, My So Called Life is LIFEEEEEE!

  5. I'm obsessed with Riverdale! Growing up, I used to read the Betty and Veronica comics so I love how they're portrayed on the show :)

    1. Yeah! The show is kinda really dark as compared to the comics but I love this version a lot!

  6. I don't know the exorcist have a series.... wow I don't know if I'm brave enough to watch it XD
    heard alot about 13 reasons why. I read the book. will plan to watch the series too :)

    - Inge

  7. I love riverdale!! <3

    X Merel

  8. I think I am going to need to watch riverdale

  9. Game of Thrones is the only show I watch for now and I am obsessed!!I cannot believe we are almost there and we will wait one more year until the next and final season! thank you for your recommendations, I always look for new shows to watch.



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