A serene weekend getaway 🌌

So, the last weekend of my summer  break was spent on a roadtrip to this place right next to the mighty Brahmaputra and across the gigantic Kaziranga. It was a 5 hour drive from Guwahati although, it could have been much less, thanks to Indian roads. So, the drive was gorgeous because the NH 37 to Nagaon is in fantastic condition and the views throughout the journey is amazing. But, standing next to the Brahmaputra and feeling the lively breeze blowing through your hair, that's what left me mesmerized. Every which way you turn, everything seemed so picturesque and being a crappy photographer, I cannot do justice to the real beauty that stood there before me. This summer, I have been on a considerable number of roadtrips I must say and all of them had us navigating through mountains and it's this summer when I am finally realizing people's love for a lake house property. And I think soon enough, I'll be wanting one of mine. Thank you.
Let me know about some amazing roadtrips that you've been on so I can add them to my Bucket List. ❤
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  1. Beautiful photos! <3 love them! Cant wait till my next vacation to share photos like these!

  2. Gorgeous photos! I love reading travel journals because they make me want to travel everywhere!

  3. Beautiful! Looks absolutely amazing! Im so jealous of you!

    Rowan | From RolliBeauty.co.uk

  4. This sounds so idyllic! xx


  5. Looks beautiful! 😍

  6. I love this. This little getaway sounds so amazing πŸ’•πŸ’•


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