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I had and still am in a phase where I am obsessed with perfumes and I am lucky enough to have friends who know me so well and so, a friend of mine gifted me the "Nude Bouquet" by Zara on my birthday! And I am absolutely loving it. It's light hearted, flirty essence is perfect for summer daywear. Though I am more of a woody girl I found this to be quite elegant as well. They staying power is quite good.  

The packaging is so elegant and cute, it comes in this light beige bottle with a beige bow tied around the neck and the cap has a pretty marble accent.

It has floral, citrus and aquatic notes. The top notes are of bergamot, lotus. Middle notes are of honeysuckle and base notes consist of vanilla, sandalwood and tonka beans. This is my everyday go to perfume during college season and this just lifts my mood up.
Also, here's a tip, to make the perfume last longer, apply petroleum jelly on your pulse points and sprtiz some of your favourite magic on it. This is tried and tested and approved by me guys!

Let me know your favourite perfumes and body mists below. I m always on the hunt. 
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  1. Zara perfumes are SO good. Inexpensive and the scents are really nice. I have Gardenia. Will check out Nude Bouquet next time I'm in store.

  2. I love Zara perfumes! They have such a sleek design and the quality is awesome!

  3. nice, shall try it out. love the post

  4. Zara perfumes are my fave! I need to try this one. xx


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