Goals : New Semester 🍀

So, my summer break just got over and college starts tomorrow again. I am an engineering student and starting my 5th semester tomorrow. So, wish me luck. You know how every time after a vacation you return motivated to smash your goals but end up in the same sad spot later. I don't want that to happen this semester, so I am sharing few of my goals right here. I am going to be very to-the-point about it.

1. Complete my Nike Training 'Lean Fit' program : This is a 6 week program and back home I did about 3 weeks of it before quitting but I actually did see results so, I am gonna stick to it. Also, need a beach body for my holiday to the Andamans on December.

2. Stick to my budget : So I don't end up broke halfway through the semester.

3. Spend more time reading books and on Netflix : Though this doesn't seem like it's supposed to be here but otherwise, I go out A LOT and this seems like a good way to have some me time simultaneously.

4. Be more organized and procrastinate less : #BeABossGirl

5. Blog atleast twice a week : Need to use my planner EVERYDAY.


  1. I hope you achieve them all girl! Keep up the good work.

    You have amazing blog.

    Sending much love!

  2. I ann all for being more organized! You go girl!

  3. I totally feel you on so many of these. I'm definitely going to look into that Nike fit programme!

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